I am an illustrator, comic book artist, story board artist, game designer, animator, character designer, and part-time programmer. On this page are samples of some of my work on a variety of projects. I'm always interested in new ideas and new projects, so please feel free to contact me directly at andrewlosq@gmail.com You can see more of my work at www.andrewlosq.com

Below are samples of character designs from a variety of different projects including video games, comics, and marketing illustrations.

Click the links below to see more about these games I've developed.

Zeke and Pandora:The Stolen King is a classic RPG. I did all the coding, art design, game design, character concepts, animation, and art for this game. Allison Dressler Losq and I did the writing, story development, plot, and balancing together at FroggyCat Studios.

Super Moto Barf is a side scrolling arcade-style avoider game developed by FroggyCat Studios together with LowStreet Media. I did all the art, and took the lead on the game design, designing the mechanics, balancing, level building, and play testing. The code was built by Joshua Strike.

Below are some links to videos of animation samples from a variety of projects.

An educational math training video I animated for CLEA, Inc.'s Math Coach Interactive[2010]. I did all the art and animation.

A promotional trailer for Zeke and Pandora:The Stolen King[IOS/Android, 2014]. I was responsible for all the art, design, and all animations.

A promotional trailer for Super Moto Barf [IOS/Android, 2016]. I was responsible for all the art, design, and all animations.

Click the image below to see the full storyboards.

Barnabus O'Hooligan was a pitch my wife and I put together for an animated pilot. It's about Omar and his ex-pirate monkey roommate Barnabus O'Hooligan. It's a crazy magical awkward bizarre odd couple style story.

A storyboard sample in comic book style. While the story and art is mine, Batman and Catwoman are the intellectual properties of their respective owners.

Below are samples from a variety of comic book projects including Artful Daggers [IDW, 2013], Born To The Fall [in production], and Autotomorobotron [independent].

Samples of pin-ups and commissions.