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Sketchbook 2018

Sketchbook 2017

As we approach the end of 2017, I'm starting to finally scan and post and upload all the stuff I've been working on outside of the projects section. Mostly it's warmups and some personal pieces I do when I'm trying to relax or work through a design or programming issue and just need to get out of my own way for a little bit. Clear my head so to speak. I think there's some good stuff in here. You never know what tangent will lead you to some new character or story idea or concept.

Sketchbook 2016

All my old stuff from 2016 (and possibly 15, can't remember right now).

Inktober 2015

It's that time of year again! Time for sore wrists and smudged thumbs and near-broken fingers. One inked work for each day of October. I'll be posting a bunch of my stuff from this year's inktober right here in this section. This is my favorite time of year. My Super Bowl. My Burning Man. My whatever the thing you totally love is. If you don't know about inktober, you can learn more about the awesomeness here.

UPDATE: Well, Inktober is now over, but I'm thinking of leaving this up for a little bit longer for several reasons. A: I'm trying out a different way of doing the gallery images with the notes attached, and want to play with it more. 2: No real reason to take down art that's already up, is there? Finally: Because why the hell not. Cheers!

Untitled Sci-fi Project

These were sample pages I did a while back for a pitch that kind of fell to the side as other projects came up. The idea was to do near future/sci-fi detective story. I wanted to get it a bit more Blade Runner-ish and really work the hell out of a black heavy brush-centric style. I think there's something to this style, but it needs more work to make it a bit more raw and a bit easier to read.