A Quick Note

A big thank you to everyone who followed the adventures of Otto and Sophia! As of now, Auto is on indefinite leave. Hopefully I can find a way to fund the continuation of the project down the line but the book is on hold as of now.

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Far into the future, the world has fallen apart. But throughout the great wastelands, humanity still finds a way to survive. This is the story of a girl and her robot friend, and their quest to become the greatest robot fight team in the world and by doing so, win a ticket to the paradise known as Above.


About Autotomorobotron

Autotomorobotron is a project I started primarily because I wanted to do a story for my neice, Kiana. I wanted to tell an all-ages story of adventure and excitement that focused on the idea of friendship and doing the right thing. At first it functioned as my daily warm-up. A place where I could get loose and draw whatever I wanted the way my 6 year old neice draws: without borders or concerns or limits. Before long it had spiraled its way into a fully realized comic book, and that's the book you see here on this site. My hope is that this book brings readers the same sense of charm and whimsy I feel when my niece and I sit down to draw together.